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Docklands Equestrian Centre is owned and operated by the UK registered charity, Newham Riding School & Association Ltd. and is an important community facility for local people, in particular the young and the disabled.

Are you a caring member of the community, a local business leader or employee, or are you involved with a trust, local council or school? No matter who you are, help us make a difference to people like Robyn and ensure that Docklands Equestrian Centre is enjoyed by future generations.

Photo: Nick Ward

Robyn is 7 years old and was born with Kneist Dysplasia, a painful skeletal disorder. The condition restricts movement and mobility but Robyn’s will of iron and her innate lust for life means she leads an action packed life that leaves her parents panting to keep up! Robyn is new to riding but having discovered Docklands Equestrian Centre she has fallen head over heels in love with our ponies and is keen to build up her strength and stamina and join a group ride.

Docklands Equestrian Centre is an important community facility for local people, in particular the young and the disabled. Our primary sources of income are the provision of riding lessons and livery services. A key part of our mission is to keep prices low and we achieve this by reinvesting any surplus back into the riding school. However, the costs of running a top quality riding school in the centre of London are considerable. Cutting costs is simply not an option as the well being and safety of our horses, ponies and riders is at the heart of what we do so now more than ever, the charity has to rely on donations and grants to supplement its income.

As an individual there are many ways you can support us.

  • Donate
    you can make a donation now by visiting our dedicated Virgin Money Giving page (see also ‘Gift Aid’ below).
  • Sponsored Event
    If you are taking part in a sponsored event we would love to be your charity of choice. Please visit our dedicated Virgin Money Giving website and go to the ‘Start Fundraising’ page which will guide you through a few simple steps to set up your own fundraising page.
  • Fundraise
    You might prefer to organise your own fundraising event. Check out the A-Z of fundraising for ideas of how you can raise money for Docklands Equestrian Centre.
  • Legacy Gift
    once the needs of your family and friends are met, a gift left in your will can be the perfect memorial and a wonderful way to make a difference for future generations. As we are a charity your legacy can help reduce your tax liability as it will be free of inheritance tax and in certain instances can be free of capital gains tax.
  • Payroll Giving
    why don’t you check to see if your company is signed up for the Give As You Earn (GAYE) scheme, the most popular payroll giving scheme in the UK. You can give as much or as little as you want, and because the donation is taken from your pay before tax, it actually costs you less. The more you give, the more tax you save. Some companies will also match your donations therefore giving Newham Riding School & Association up to double the amount you first gave. Please click here to find out more.
  • Gift Aid
    The Government allows charities to claim back tax on donations. This tax relief is called ‘Gift Aid’. Are you a UK taxpayer? If so, Gift Aid is great because it means for every £1 you donate, Newham Riding School & Association currently receives £1.28 at no extra cost to yourself. So please don’t forget to check the Gift Aid box when making an on-line donation.