We have a number of schools that regularly use our services. Many schools choose to come to Docklands Equestrian Centre as an end of year treat for their students.

We offer:

  • A group ride
  • Stable management lesson – e.g. how to groom a horse
  • Exclusive use of our community hall
  • Outside picnic space

Some schools bring small groups of disruptive children. They have found that interaction with the horses has the following benefits for the students:

  • Learn how to relate to animals
  • Calming, relaxing effect
  • Inspires and builds confidence
  • Helps to create positivity and self worth

“Is this where I need to come to talk about horse riding?” Every day children come to my office asking if they can join my horse riding group. This is the only club I have ever run where I don’t need to send the children reminders to attend. Early on Thursday morning they call in to my office to check that we’re still going and at 12.15 they assemble in reception ready to go.
I set up the group to address the social and emotional needs of our pupils focusing particularly on those with attachment issues, school refusers or difficulties with bullying. Being with the horses helps them to develop trust and confidence. They learn the importance of self-control and assertiveness; life skills we hope they will transfer into their daily lives.
Being with them as they ride helps me to build a strong and trusting relationship with them making it easier to keep them on track during the school day. Thursday is our favourite day of the week!

Janet Bergin-Miah | Teacher
Cumberland School, Newham