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GOOD NEWS! Pony Rides are resuming

Pony Rides resume on Saturday 11th July 2020 and Sunday 12th July 2020

Pony Rides are a perfect way to introduce three year olds to horse riding in a secure and friendly setting. Laps on one of our smallest ponies gets each child used to being in the saddle and holding the reins which stands our tiniest jockeys in good stead for developing their riding skills once they have reached their 5th birthday and can start having “proper” lessons.

Saturdays and Sunday's 1:00pm - 3:00pm

£1.00 per lap - Face masks & Gloves needed

Pony Riders Covid-19 Guidelines

At this time all pony ride fees are to be paid at the office in the Main Building. This way we can observe the Plus One Metre distancing rule as there is a screen in place. The cost is £1 per lap and you will be given numbered tickets for the laps you have purchased.

All riders MUST wear a Facemask and gloves whilst riding - regardless of age. Our staff and volunteers will also be wearing a Facemask and gloves whilst maintaining the Plus One Metre distancing rule.

Young riders [Aged below 10] will also need somebody to walk alongside them. For this we would ask that a member of the same household be available to be a side-walker giving that support. For young children under 5 the Supporter must stay in physical contact with the rider.

Supporters are also requested to wear a Facemask. Please ensure you are wearing appropriate footwear when entering the Arena i.e. Boots or Trainers.

PLEASE NOTE: NO OPEN SHOES OR SANDALS. NO SHORTS OR SKIRTS ie. All riders must wear full length bottoms

We would like to remind you that all photos and/or videos of the ride must be taken from OUTSIDE THE ARENA ONLY. At the end of the ride a photograph may be taken before dismounting.

If you do not have facemask or gloves we do have some available for you to purchase.

You may have as many laps as you wish but can only use 5 at one time. After you have ridden your first 5 laps you must dismount and go to the end of the queue to ride again. This will enable the queue to move more swiftly and gives you the opportunity to ride a different pony/horse.

Our comprehensive Coronavirus Guidelines are shown on our dedicated Covid-19 page and we require all customers to read through it before booking and attending.