Hats and Boots to use
Hats and boots in various sizes supplied free of charge (Photo: Nick Ward)

Clothing Guide


All riders are required to wear boots and a hat. Do not buy any specialist items until you have decided to take up riding regularly as a hobby, as we supply boots and a safety certified riding helmets.

It is recommended that all clothing is washed after each lesson.

Essential Clothing & Equipment for Riders

Safety Hats

You only get one head, look after it! An approved safety hat must be worn. It must comply with BSI standards (min PAS 015 & BS EN 1384). It must be correctly fastened at all times when mounted in lessons or leading to and from the stables or around the yard.
We have a supply of safety hats for you to use free of charge.


Whether it's long boots or short boots, with or without chaps, the minimum requirement is to have a flat hard-soled boot with a small (½") defined heel.
Trainers, wellies and open-toed shoes are forbidden. All leaders must also wear suitable footwear.
We have a supply of boots for you to use free of charge.

Body Protectors

While not essential, we do recommend these for riders who are starting to jump.


An essential piece of equipment for both riding and handling horses. All riders & leaders are required to wear gloves.


Jodhpurs are ideal but most importantly is to wear long comfortable trousers with some degree of elasticity for movement and without a heavy seam down the inside of the leg. Jeans are not recommended. No skirts or shorts allowed.


Dress to be comfortable and we recommend a few layers that you can take off as you warm up. Most important is to have plenty of room to move your arms. Tops must have at least a short sleeve and cover your abdomen - No tank-tops or vests.


Jewellery should not be worn with the exception of a wedding ring and watch.

Mobile Phones

Please leave your mobile phones in your bag, car or with a family member during lessons. Sudden vibrating and ring tones can be unsettling and startling for some horses/ponies.