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Sponsor a Horse/Pony

As you are no doubt aware, we are closed due to the Coronavirus Government Ruling. Therefore, we have had no income from riding lessons for some weeks now. You will appreciate that this closure does not affect our outgoing expenses i.e. feeding and caring for the horses.

We would like to invite anybody who is able to sponsor one of our horses/ponies. As a Registered Charity we would be most grateful for any donation you can give. This could be a single transaction or a regular sum from either an individual or a company.

When this very difficult time is over and we are able to open again all sponsors will invited to ‘Sponsors Day’. This will be an ‘invitation only event’ where you can come along to meet and greet, ride and have souvenir photographs taken with your chosen horse or pony.

If you are not a rider here, but want to join in the Sponsorship, please check out our website where you will find photos of our ponies and horses – along with details about them.

If you feel you are able to help, please send an email to so we can register your details, choice of pony and advise you of the best way to send your donations.

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